Why I Started This Site – Not for the Money But for The Love Of Parents Who Want Their Kids To Grow Healthy And Active.

On December 12, 2015, I made a decision to buy my 4-year-old a trampoline. My wife and I were sick and tired of him spending his all entire time watching television and playing video games. Having a trampoline was the only way we could keep our 4-year-old Julian active.

So we did what everybody does when they want to buy a trampoline. Read a few reviews on the internet and we made a decision to get one. Little did we know that we in a huge surprise, the model that we bought lasted for 3 months. The most painful of all was that the trampoline was expensive. And we were in the market again…Scouring the internet for the old piece of information. That is when an idea is imagined…Why I created this site.

  • A site that is different from other sites that talk about trampolines.
  • A site that makes the buying process simpler for the first time buyer.
  • A site that doesn’t discuss only the pros and cons…But goes into great length talking about the key things that make each trampoline best. Plus, what I personally like about each brand.
  • A site that doesn’t just explain the basic features like a high school textbook, but goes into great detail explaining what each feature means in simple layman’s terms that even a two year old understand.

Those were the goals that I wanted to have when I was looking to create a trampoline site. Not just to create another boring review site and load it with information that you hardly even understand. But a site that cuts through the noises and makes the buying process simpler. My goal is to make sure that in the end…You get the value of your money. Buying a trampoline is very expensive if you spend your money on the wrong product.

It can be a painful experience. I won’t let you make the same mistake. I made it when I was buying my first trampoline for my kids.

Why You Will Get From This Site?

I give you the chance to look into the top rated trampoline products for kids and old people. In every report, I write the features, pros and cons and what I like about each brand that I review.?

Trampoline buying guides.?

I give you a guiding system that would make you buy a trampoline. Here is where I go into 4 different types of trampoline, the trampoline to be used for your entertainment center and the one to use at home. It can be for your entertainment place or for your kids. I give you the things that you need to consider like the material, the brands to buy from and what to look for in every trampoline. These buying guides serve as a green light benchmark that makes your selection criteria a no-brainer.


Once you buy a product that is not all. You still need information on how to maintain so that it can last. If you are running an entertainment center for kids, I will give you more information on things like the best safety features to look at. And how to make sure that your kids play on the trampoline without damaging or destroying it. If you are an adult, you will also get information on the best trampoline on the market.

Who The Hell Am I??

I am a parent, a husband, and a father of two young kids. Julian and Dave. I am a mechanical engineer and my education has helped me understand the mechanism of this product in great detail. Feel confident that you are reading this product from a well-responsible father who understands what safety really is when making a decision to buy such a product. Am crying out loud to parents to read this site before making a decision to buy a trampoline. They will make the right decision. Secondly, if you feel that you need to ask me any question regarding any product that I review, here.

Please, feel free to ask the question in my contact form or leave a comment at the end of the article. I will be happy to get back to you with information within 48 hours. I read every comment and reply to them as fast as possible.?