How To Measure A Trampoline Mat?

How To Measure A Trampoline Mat?

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Trampolines tend to have some parts that are damaged due to time of use, which raises the question of how to get the right new parts. It is important thing to accurately estimate the parts that should be replaced.

Of course, estimating a trampoline can be fun, however, we have separated all the unique trampoline shapes for you.

Why Accurate Measurement is Important?

It’s vital to measure on different occasions to get precise measurements of our trampolines before buying new parts, as it’s a matter of safety for you and your family. You don’t want to waste your cash and time, so whether or not it looks like the most energetic thing ever – focus on the smallest things and you’ll have a practical and safe trampoline again in a jiffy.

The most effective method to Measure a Trampoline Mat (Jumping Surface)

With regard to measuring trampolines, the state of the trampoline determines the strategy you need to follow. There are various measurements for each shape that you need to take before you go to a retail store or shop online for new parts. The most widely known shapes of trampolines are round, rectangular and oval, but there are many different shapes as well.

Round Trampolines


To measure the mat of a round trampoline, there are four unique measurements you need to take to get the right mat.

  • The width of the trampoline edge should be measured, which implies from one side of the trampoline outline straight across to the opposite side.
  • The breadth of the texture of the actual mat should be measured, yet the v-rings for the springs ought not to be incorporated.
  • The number of springs should be tallied.
  • Measure the length of the springs.

Rectangular Trampolines

JumpKing 10’ x 15′ Rectangular Combo

The measurement for a rectangular trampoline likewise has four stages to it.

  • Measure the length of the mat.
  • Measure the width of the mat should be noted.
  • Tally the number of springs along the length.
  • Tally the number of springs along the width.

Oval Trampolines

Oval Trampolines

Estimating an oval trampoline mat makes much more strides.

  • Measure the edge of the trampoline, which is finished by estimating the longest width of the long side and afterward taking note of the longest width of the short side.
  • The real mat of the trampoline should be measured in a similar way.
  • Measure the length of the springs
  • Check the number of springs.

Different Shapes

These can be the most confounding to measure in light of the fact that there are numerous means that should be followed cautiously.

  • The casing should be measured, and this can be cultivated by estimating slantingly across to the contrary corner of the casing, making it measure from corner to corner. Measure from another corner similarly to ensure the outcomes are equivalent.
  • Measure the mat after a similar technique as you accomplished for the edge. You will likewise have to measure from one of the level sides to the contrary side.
  • Measure the length of the springs
  • Tally the number of springs.

Instructions to Measure a Trampoline Net

To get the correct trampoline net, it is critical to measure the width of the casing. Then, you need to take note of the number of shafts or curves utilized on the nook for the trampoline. That is all you require to get the correct netting for round trampolines.   For different shapes, you need to measure the perimeter of the trampoline rather than the breadth.

The most effective method to Measure Trampoline Springs

This is another basic measurement that won’t take us long by any means. To start with, we measure the length of the spring removed from the trampoline from snare end to snare end.

Then, we tally the number of springs there are, which we might require, however we will have to realize the number of which should be supplanted.

Instructions to Measure Trampoline Pads (Spring Cover)

The measurements for a substitution trampoline cushion will rely upon the state of the trampoline, much the same as it was with the mat. The various approaches to measuring the trampoline for the pads can be separated into shapes: round, rectangular, oval, and different shapes.

Round Trampolines

This is the easiest one to measure for a substitution cushion. All that is required is the measurement of the breadth of the casing of the trampoline.

Rectangular Trampolines

There are three exceptionally basic strides to getting the measurements for this state of the trampoline for a substitution cushion.

In the first place, the width of the casing from outside to outside should be noted. Then, the length of the edge from outside to outside should be measured.

In conclusion, the space from the edge of the casing to the edge of the bed, trying to do it along the edge and not at a corner, should be measured.

Oval Trampolines

For this shape, you need to do a similar strategy you did to measure the mat. This implies the longest length from the long side and the longest length from the short side.

Different Shapes

For these remarkable shapes, there are a couple of basic measurements that should be taken.

To begin with, the width of the casing is from an external perspective of one side, not a corner, to the outside of the contrary side. Then, the length of one of the level sides should be measured, from one of the corners to the corner.

Ultimately, another of the sides will be measured, and this should be rehashed if the sides are of various lengths.

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