How to Choose a Trampoline for Your Family?

How to Choose a Trampoline for Your Family?

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When we’re happy, we jump for joy. We also say that we feel high when we feel good, and when we’re ecstatic we’re up in the clouds.

We naturally associate pleasure with being high up in the air, and that essentially explains the undeniable appeal of trampolines. You don’t have to teach a little kid that it feels great. Once they try jumping on one, they realize how enjoyable it is on their own.

It’s a feeling that even adults come to appreciate.

But of course, how much you enjoy using this equipment depends a lot on the trampoline you have. And picking the best one for you isn’t always an easy task.

This is why we’re providing this guide in the first place. With it, we hope that you have an easier time deciding on which trampoline to buy and that you choose wisely.


Let’s be practical for a moment so we need to put the price at the top of the list. Not all of us are Powerball winners, so we need to set a budget. Fortunately, you can find good ones even among the more affordable models.

However, there’s a general feeling that you get what you pay for, and if it’s too cheap then there may be a catch somewhere.

So what you need to do first is to set a reasonable budget limit. For smaller options for children, perhaps a $100 budget is enough.

But you’ll need several hundreds of dollars for bigger trampolines with better features and materials. Once you’ve set your budget reasonably, you can then at least narrow down your list of options.


Are Trampolines Too Dangerous

Of all the features you need to consider, this one is the most important. Every year, thousands of people all over the world end up getting injured when they use trampolines. This is true in the US, the UK, and Australia.

From 20002 to 2011, more than a million people were treated in emergency rooms for injuries related to trampoline use. Almost 300,000 of those injuries involved broken bones.

When it comes to safety, you should look for features that keep the users staying within the safety areas. That usually means a safety net (if possible) and/or a handlebar. There should be adequate padding around it especially over the springs and the frames.

In fact, some use another material instead of springs for safety reasons, although often the bounce isn’t as high.

Then you also need to check the toughness of the materials. If flimsy materials are used, then they can break down when in use and that can result in injuries. It’s also a good thing to check for safety certifications.

Of course, you also need to practice basic safety precautions. Safety nets should always be checked and they should be zipped every time.

Weight limits should be followed. Parents should always be on hand when children play on them, and only one person at a time should jump on it.


This factor is pretty much self-explanatory. Your options are limited to the amount of space you have available. There’s no point buying a huge trampoline if you live in a cramped apartment without a yard.

Just remember that you also need enough space around the trampoline. This is for safety as well as for convenience.


It should be able to provide a few years of fun. This isn’t just about safety but also about value for money too. This factor is especially crucial when you’re buying one for outdoor use.

You need a trampoline that can handle the elements, so you need rustproof materials, protection from UV rays, and features that keep it secure even in strong winds.

This is an easy factor to check with updated reviews from customers, as they can tell you how long their trampolines lasted. It’s not so easy to check when it comes to recently released models, although it helps to check the reputation of the manufacturer and the length of the warranty period. You can read our reviews too.


Exactly how do you plan on using it?

First, you’ll need to decide if this is for outdoor or indoor use. Then it should also be appropriate for the size and weight of the people likely to use it, and that means you need to check the weight limit.

If it’s going to be used for fun, you can check out the quality of the bounce, and the number of springs can affect this.

But a trampoline can also be for cardio exercises, and you can buy one that’s specifically designed for that purpose. Some of them even offer exercise videos as part of the purchase.

Other Considerations to Think About

Trampoline AccessoriesFor some people, the look of the trampoline is a factor to consider, and this is especially true for a trampoline for children and for outdoor varieties. You may also want to get one with special storage options (like if it’s foldable, for example) if you plan to put it away after you use it.

Ease of assembly is also another consideration. In fact the most common complaint online is all about how difficult it is to assemble.

However, you can always look up various helpful videos online to show you how it’s done properly.

For others, it’s also interesting to note if a particular model is a bestseller.

After all, if a trampoline is very popular, then it must be popular for a reason, right?

Final Verdict

By considering these factors, you can really narrow down your choices so you can pick the best trampoline for you and your family. But then again, you can still end up with a pretty long list of possible options.

So what should you do?

To make things easier for you, you can always check out our recommended products. We’ve thoroughly checked the top options out there, inspected them for safety and durability, and decided which ones are the best in terms of offering more value for our money.

We’ve also chosen the best trampolines in each category. We know the most reputable brands and models for indoor and outdoor use, the most ideal trampolines for adults or children, and also the most effective ones for exercising.

Buying a trampoline can be a serious investment, and with our recommendations we can at least help you choose wisely. By going with our choices, you can provide lots of fun for your family and children, while making sure that they remain safe with the features installed as well as basic safety precautions.

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