Best Trampoline Socks 2022 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Best Trampoline Socks 2022 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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Trampolining is a ton of fun. It’s also a great workout for all age groups.

Trampoline parks are growing in popularity across the country, so now is the perfect time to take up trampolining recreationally or as a fitness program.

Bouncing up and down on a trampoline isn’t associated with needing a ton of equipment.

But, there is a way to get more out of the experience. A lot of people don’t realize this. Those people are missing out on something. That missing element is the trampoline sock.

An integral part of trampolining, the trampoline sock is essential to getting the most out of your trampolining experience.

What are Trampoline Socks?

Trampoline socks are specially designed socks that increase the wearer’s grip on any surface.

This is accomplished by fitting a rubber, non-slip, sole into the design of the sock. These rubber soles give wearers a significant advantage on the trampoline.

While wearing these socks, the wearer is less likely to have a slip and fall.

The wearer is also more confident and comfortable because they know they are less likely to incur an injury.

Wearing trampoline socks gives users the boost to push their trampoline sessions to the next level. So if you’re serious about trampolining, want to take your trampolining to the next level, or want to protect your feet at public trampoline parks, purchasing trampoline socks is a must.

What are Trampoline Socks for?

Trampoline Socks

Now that you know what trampoline socks are, let’s talk more about the benefits of wearing them. Most importantly, wearing trampoline socks increases your safety while on a trampoline.

These socks prevent your toes from being caught on the trampoline, which can lead to painful injuries. The rubber sole found on trampoline socks increases your grip on the trampoline, preventing falls and injury.

Also, trampoline socks keep your feet protected from harmful bacteria and other contagions that may be found on public trampolines.

Should You Wear Socks on a Trampoline?

Remember to always wear your own trampoline socks. Sharing socks or using others’ socks is another way to expose yourself to bacteria or diseases.

It may be tempting to share socks, but remember, don’t do it.

The clear benefits of trampoline socks make wearing these socks a must for any serious trampoliner.

10 Best Trampoline Socks

Deluxe Anti Non Skid Crew Socks for Kids by Deluxe

The Deluxe Anti Non Skid Crew Socks for Kids by Deluxe is one the best non-slip socks you can buy.

These socks are perfect for use on the trampoline.

Coming in unisex kid sizes, this is an ideal sock to get your young boy or girl started with wearing trampoline socks.

These socks feature a rich non-slip rubber sole that makes it difficult for young children to slip on dangerous surfaces.

They are machine washable and come in packs of 6 so they will last you a while.

These socks are great for trampolining, but they also work around the house.

Wearing these socks at home makes it difficult for kids to slip on hardwood floors or just mopped tile.

If you’re looking for a perfect trampoline sock for kids go with Deluxe.

Apex Unisex Gripper SocksApex Unisex Gripper Socks

Another trampoline sock for kids is the Apex Unisex Gripper Socks.

These socks, manufactured by Apex, make it impossible for kids to slip on tricky surfaces.

The chance of your child falling while wearing these socks is significantly reduced.

The socks will fit kids with a size 9-13 foot. The bottoms of the sock are covered in a rubber sole, increasing your child’s traction on slippery surfaces.

These socks are perfect for trampolining and increase your child’s performance and confidence on a trampoline.

Gaiam Kids Yoga Sock

The Gaiam Kids Yoga Sock is also a smart choice.

This sock comes in packs of 2 and is sized for kids ages 5-8.

The sock has a unique silicone pattern grip that prevents slippages on any surface.

This sock is specifically designed for yoga but holds up extremely on a trampoline and around the house.

If you’re looking for a great all-purpose non-slip kids sock, this is the one for you.

Colors of Rainbow Non-Slip ABS Gymnastics SockColors of Rainbow Non-Slip ABS Gymnastics Sock

For adults, check out the Colors of Rainbow Non-Slip ABS Gymnastics Sock.

This sock is designed with an Italian silicone ABS, drastically increasing your traction on slippery surfaces.

This traction translates incredibly well when you’re on a trampoline. This sock will increase your abilities and confidence on a trampoline.

It could be the key you need to push your trampoline workouts to the next level.

These socks are designed with performance in mind and meet the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, a worldwide standard and certification system for textile products.

With quality in mind, this sock is a solid choice for wearing on a trampoline.

The quality is so great that these socks have been incorporated as the official sock at many trampoline parks across Europe.

Not only that, this sock is wonderful for other activities like yoga, pilates, dance classes, or martial arts.


StopSocks are another great choice for a trampoline sock. They are designed with rubber, mountain bike inspired, treads on the sole.

These treads make it impossible to slide around on a trampoline or on other slick surfaces.

The sock itself is made from a highly-breathable polyester blend that provides unparalleled moisture wicking and comfort.

This sock is perfect for increasing your grip and the intensity of your trampoline workouts.

The sock is also perfect for casual trampoline sessions and just wearing around the house.

With extra padding, stylish unique color options, and multiple sizes, StopSocks are the perfect choice for men, women, and kids.

No Show Athletic Sock by DiabolongNo Show Athletic Sock by Diabolong

The No Show Athletic Sock by Diabolong is a reliable trampoline sock for men and women.

The sock comes in a variety of sizes ensuring you’ll be able to find the perfect fit. The sock comes with non-slip dot grips on the sole of the sock.

These grips make it impossible to slip on a tenuous surface. These socks are ideal for trampolining, yoga, or just wearing around the house.

The socks are also manufactured from an anti-microbial odor resistant material that kills 99% of bacteria.

This sock is incredible and overall one of the best socks for hygiene oriented people. You won’t be disappointed with the Diablolong No Show Athletic Sock.

Rahabsox Non Slip Sock for Women

Designed specifically with women in mind, the Rahabsox Non Slip Sock for Women is one of your best options in trampoline socks.

Designed with an emphasis on grip and arch support, the Rahabsox is a perfect choice for a women’s trampoline sock.

The sock is designed with yoga in mind, however, the superior grip is ideal for light or intense trampoline sessions.

The breathability and moisture-wicking capabilities of the material keep your feet dry and fresh feeling much longer than other socks.

This sock is not only ideal for trampolining but is the perfect workout sock for yoga and martial arts.

The sock is available in a variety of colors and sizes, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for you.

If you’re not completely satisfied with this sock, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee.

DubeeBaby Yoga SockDubeeBaby Yoga Sock

Another sock designed for women, the DubeeBaby Yoga Sock is a magnificent trampoline sock.

The 3D gel dot grip sole makes you feel a peace of mind as you navigate a treacherous surface.

Perfect for trampolining and going to public trampoline parks. In addition to the gel grip, this sock features eco-friendly breathable cotton and superior craftsmanship.

The sock is made from harmless substances and guarantees long-term foot health. The sock is also excellent for pilates and yoga, along with trampoline of course.

DubeeBay stands by their sock and offers a 100% money back guarantee for 30 days.

You’ll be completely satisfied with this trampoline sock, but if for some reason you’re not, send it back and get 100% of your purchase refunded.

COMFYGLO Non Slip Sock

The COMFYGLO Non Slip Sock is another phenomenal trampoline sock.

This sock comes in packs of 3 and is available in small, medium, or large unisex sizes.

Each pack contains a pair of lime, blue, and black socks giving you a variety of colors per pack.

The socks are designed with a non-slip rubber grip sole and an advanced nylon blend material that improves breathability and moisture wicking.

This sock is perfect for keeping upright on a trampoline and keeps your feet fresh and healthy while you’re at it.

Non Slip Skid Sock from Lucky 21Non Slip Skid Sock from Lucky 21

Finally, the Non Slip Skid Sock from Lucky 21 is a great choice for trampolining.

This sock comes in a multitude of colors and sizes and is designed to be slip resistant and moisture wicking.

The sock comes in one size fits most and is perfect for trips to the trampoline park. The no-slip grip prevents spills while you’re trampolining.

The sock also comes with arch bracing, which ensures the sock stays in place on your foot. This sock is a great choice for trampolining but is also great for yoga, pilates, and martial arts.

The Lucky 21 offers a fantastic grip on treacherous surfaces. This sock will increase your confidence and control on a trampoline, allowing you to take your trampolining up a notch. A sure choice, the Lucky 21, is a competent trampoline sock.


Wearing a trampoline sock keeps you injury free while trampolining. The improved grip of trampoline socks keeps you upright on the trampoline for longer and prevents any injuries that could be caused by losing your balance.

Not only does the sock improve your physical capabilities on the trampoline, but the sock also improves your overall foot health.

Wearing trampoline socks prevents foot fungus, infections, and the transmission of disease.

Wearing trampoline socks comes with so many clear benefits and with so many great options to choose from, there’s no reason not to go out and buy your first pair of trampoline socks right away.

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